Personal Coaching : Nonviolent Communication

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Learn the skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with our experienced trainers! The skills and language of NVC are designed to facilitate connection with ourselves and others and promote empathy and compassion.

By aiding you in practicing empathy and tapping into feelings and universal needs, this practice will allow you to effectively communicate and connect with those around you, as well engage in constructive, rather than destructive, conflict.

*Learn more about NVC below!

What is NVC?

As stated by Marshall Rosenberg PhD the founder of NVC: “NVC is a ‘language of life’” that helps us to move away from our automatic mindsets of defensiveness and aggressiveness during conflict, toward one of compassion and empathy, leading us to form and maintain deeper, more peaceful and mutually fulfilling relationships.

NVC allows us to reflect on ourselves and our relationships, be fully present for each of our experiences, and appreciate the importance of connection in our daily lives.

We often operate on autopilot, simply reacting, rather than acting with intention and awareness. By creating a space for attention and respect in every moment, NVC helps to create a pathway and a practice of peaceful co-existence that is accessible and approachable to all.

The Three Modes of NVC

The Three Modes of NVC

  1. Self-awareness: Being aware of our own current experience is the foundation for effective communication and action. When
    we are aware of what we are feeling and valuing, we are better able to make proposals that contribute to our own well-being as well as the well-being of others. It can also be helpful to observe the thoughts we are having and connect them to what needs they might be expressing.
  2. Empathy: Putting ourselves into another’s shoes to understand
    another’s feelings and universal needs facilitates care for each other.
  3. Honesty: Supports us in taking responsibility for and expressing our own feelings and needs in the present moment and making
    requests for furthering communication or proposing collaborative solutions.

The Four Components of NVC

  1. Observation: Perceptions through the 5 senses
  2. Feeling: Physical sensations/Emotions
  3. Need: What universal needs are being/not being met in us
  4. Request: What you could ask for to fulfill any unmet needs

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