“Win-Win” Relational Mediation

We see conflict as an opportunity to deepen our relationships with other people. There is nothing more beautiful than people in conflict shifting to

  • See each other’s humanity
  • Recognize what they have in common as human beings
  • Come together with a harmonious resolution

We offer a unique approach to effectively resolving any conflict in a “win-win” way with Nonviolent Communication style mediation. Our trained mediators will guide you through this safe and effective process that meets the needs of all parties and can be used for any type of conflict including:

  • Family Conflicts
  • Parent/Child Challenges
  • Sibling Rivalries
  • School Conflicts
  • Marital Issues
  • Extended Family Issues
  • Co-parenting/Contract Disputes
  • Workplace Conflicts
  • School Conflicts
  • Divorce/Child Custody
  • Harassment Issues
  • Health Care/Medical Disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Elder/Elder Care

*We are unable to accept any cases with documented instances or history of domestic violence.

In addition to mediation conflict for you, we offer classes and practice groups to teach you NVC skills so that you can more effectively mediate conflict yourself. We want to create peace in the world and support all, so we offer a sliding scale rate based on income. We will never turn anyone away for lack of verified inability to pay.

To learn more or schedule a mediation, contact us at (808) 866-0833 or send us an email at info@teranjy.org