Admissions Criteria

Hale Pono Shelter’s admission criteria ensures that we are able to meet the needs of the teens we serve and provide them with appropriate care.

In determining if a youth is appropriate for admission to the shelter, our admission specialist considers the following criteria:

  • Can the youth be integrated into the existing mix of youths without posing a danger to self or others in the program and maintain an orderly, peaceful and respectful environment?
  • Is the program sufficiently staffed to meet the needs of the potential youth?
  • Are the accommodations we provide sufficient and appropriate to meet the needs of the potential youth?
  • Can we admit this youth and still provide safety for the youth already residing in the shelter?

In line with the consideration of this criteria, the following youth are not eligible to be admitted to the shelter:

  • Youth in need of acute medical detoxification for drugs or alcohol
  • Youth in need of acute hospitalization
  • Youth that are deemed to be a danger to themselves and/or others
  • Youth with medical needs beyond the scope of basic first aid and CPR
  • Youth that have committed or are alleged to have committed a Class A felony
  • Youth that display severe abusive behavior to themselves and/or others

The following youth may possibly be admitted to the shelter, following a full assessment of the potential risk of admitting this youth:

  • Youth that have been alleged of committing an offense which caused physical harm to another person, or made threats of physical harm to another person
  • Youth that have a record that reveals a pattern of severe property damage